Ecology and Evolution Summer Fellowships Available for Undergraduate Students

The department is happy to announce that E&E Fellowships for undergraduates are again available this year. Students who will be E&E Concentrators in the Biological Sciences Collegiate Division (BSCD) and will submit a thesis for the BS degree in BioSci are invited to apply for a summer research fellowship with a faculty sponsor.

Students must work with a faculty mentor to develop a proposal. Faculty who are eligible mentors include all those on campus whose research encompasses ecology and evolution, and faculty from our affiliated institutions, including the Field Museum, Morton Arboretum and Zoos who have an academic appointment with the University of Chicago.

The Fellowship opportunity will prioritize third year students, but second year students may be considered. Preference may also be given to students who need to work off campus to complete their research and are thus ineligible for other campus funding sources. The fellowship consists of a $5500 stipend and $1500 in lab/field expenses.

Application deadline is April 1, 2024.

More information on the Fellowship can be found here.