Ecology & Evolution Alumni

Name Last Known Position PhD Degree Year Advisor Dissertation Title
Will Tyburczy Program Analyst, NOAA 2015 Tim Wootton Multiple responses of an intertidal predator to seasonal variation in prey abundance, and their effects at different time scales
Aaron Kandur Independent Researcher 2014 Tim Wootton A multi-scale investigation of distributional limits in the mussel Mytilus californianus
Ben Krinsky (CEB) Legislative Affairs Officer, Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) 2014 Manyuan Long The evolution of expression networks driven by a young gene in Drosophila
Chris Meyer Field Automation Engineer, Tecan 2014 Joy Bergelson The genetics, biogeography, and local adaptation of intraspecific variation in defense traits of Arabidopsis thaliana
Natasha Bloch Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, University College London, UK 2014 Trevor Price Evolution of visual pigments in passerine birds: From opsin genes to visual pigment function
Paul Grabowski USDA Postdoctoral Scholar 2014 Justin Borevitz and Jonathan Pritchard Using new genomic tools to characterize patterns of genetic diversity in switchgrass
Sophie McCoy Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, UK 2014 Cathy Pfister Effects of ocean acidicification on the ecology of crustose coralline red algae (Rhodophyta, Corallinales)
Matt Horton Postdoctoral Fellow, Gregor Mendel Institute (Nordborg Lab) 2013 Joy Bergelson The host-genetic factors that shape Arabidopsis thaliana's microbial community
Si Tang PhD student in Statistics, University of Chicago 2013 Stefano Allesina Stability, reactivity and persistence of large ecosystems
Bin He Postdoctoral Scholar, Harvard University (O'Shea Lab) 2012 Marty Kreitman Use of Drosophila natural variation to study the role of positive selection in cis-regulatory evolution and the genetic basis of a complex disease trait
David Wheatcroft (CEB) Postdoctoral Scholar, Uppsala University, Sweden (Qvarnström Lab) 2012 Trevor Price The evolution of cooperation in avian mobbing
Liz Scordato (CEB) Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Colorado, Boulder (Safran Lab) 2012 Trevor Price Geographical and temporal variation in sexually selected traits: Environmental variation, multiple signals, and consequences for population divergence
Libby Eakin CEB Administrator, University of Chicago 2012 Greg Dwyer The effects of host feeding behavior on insect-pathogen interactions and insect outbreaks
David Kennedy Postdoctoral Scholar, Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics, Penn State 2012 Greg Dwyer Assessing the potential for evolution in the insect baculovirus Lymantria dispar nucleopolyhedrovirus
Jun Wang Postdoctoral Scholar, Wayne State (Fan Lab) 2012 Manyuan Long Evolution of genes and genomes with different sex determination systems
Kevin Bullaughey Founder of Wordswing 2012 Molly Przeworski The evolution of gene regulatory architecture: Insights from modeling natural selection and biological function
Eric Hungate Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Chicago Medical Center (Onel Lab) 2011 Chung-I Wu Fine mapping factors involved in octanoic acid tolerance in Drosophila sechellia and reproductive isolation in D. melanogaster
David Turissini Postdoctoral Scholar, University of North Carolina (Matute Lab) 2011 Chung-I Wu Genomic evolution and incipient speciation in Drosophila melanogaster
Xiaochun Ni Postdoctoral Scholar, Harvard University (Bulyk Lab) 2011 Kevin White Evolution of gene regulation in Drosophila genomes
Sidi Chen Damon Runyon Cancer Research Fellow, MIT (Sharp Lab) 2011 Manyuan Long Origin of essential functions and evolution of phenotypes
Daniel Matute Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina 2011 Jerry Coyne Postzygotic isolation in Drosophila: Genetic basis and evolutionary consequences
Emma Greig Project Leader, Cornell Lab of Ornithology 2010 Stephen Pruett-Jones Vocal Communication in Splendid Fairy Wrens (Malurus splendens)
Alison Anastasio Manager of Graduate Research, Education, and Outreach, University of Chicago 2009 Joy Bergelson The role of local adaptation in natural populations of Arabidopsis thaliana
Julie Collens Manager, Market Development (Complex Disease), Illumina 2009 Cathy Pfister Interactions Between Mating System, Dispersal and Genetic Structure in Kelp
Erin Grey Assistant Professor, Governor's State University 2009 Cathy Pfister Abiotic and Biotic Drivers of Exotic Species Success in Marine Fouling Communities of Washington, U.S.A.
Michael Fitzsimons Senior Application Scientist, Maverix Biomics 2009 Tim Wootton and Mike Miller Environmental Determinants of Microbial Community Composition and its Relevence to Ecosystems
Andrew Ole Shelton Research Fishery Biologist, Northwest Fisheries Science Center 2009 Tim Wootton Persistence in foundational seagrasses : genetics, demography, and community implications
Mark Novak Assistant Professor, Oregon State University 2008 Tim Wootton Trophic omnivory and the structure, strength, and nonlinear nature of species interactions across a productivity gradient
J. Roman Arguello (CEB) Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Lausanne (Benton Lab) 2008 Manyuan Long Evolutionary Dynamics of Gene Families and the Fourth Chromosome in Drosophila
Melissah Rowe Researcher, University of Oslo Natural History Museum 2008 Stephen Pruett-Jones Sexual selection and sperm competition in the Australian Maluridae
Susan Lott (CGGSB) Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley 2008 Marty Kreitman Robustness and evolution of segmentation in Drosophila
Jian Lu Principal Investigator, Center for Life Sciences, China 2008 Chung-I Wu Natural selection on the coding and non-coding genes at the genome level
Lis Castillo Nelis (CEB) Senior Scientist, Exponent 2008 Tim Wootton An Investigation of Synergistic Interactions Among Invasive Species
Liping Gao Director of Analytics, TMX Credit 2008 Joy Bergelson Polymorphism and fitness effects of resistance genes in Arabidopsis thaliana
Megan Dunning (CGGSB) Manager of Community Education and Outreach, Morton Aboretum 2008 Joy Bergelson Effects of host genotype and population structure in the interaction between Arabidopsis thaliana and its natural bacterial pathogens
Jake Byrnes Population Genomics Senior Analyst, 2008 Wen Hsiung Li Statistical analysis and probabilistic model development in evolutionary genomics
Geoffrey Morris Assistant Professor, Kansas State University 2007 Wen Hsiung Li Inferring mechanisms of regulatory evolution in yeast from expression patterns and genome sequence
Pauline Fujita Bioinformatics Programmer, UCSF Institute for Human Genetics 2007 Greg Dwyer Combining models with empirical data to examine dispersal mechanisms in the gypsy moth-nucleopolyhedrovirus host-pathogen system
Joshua Shapiro Assistant Professor, Bryn Mawr College       2007 Chung-I Wu Selection and structure in Drosophila populations during the process of speciation
Karen Abbott Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University 2006 Greg Dwyer Consumer-resource interactions, population synchrony, and cycles : population dynamics in time and space
Susan Harrell Yee Ecologist, EPA Gulf Ecology Division 2006 Greg Dwyer Combining spatio-temporal models with data to understand the spatial dynamics of a treehopper population
Alison Adams (CGGSB) Clinical Data Analyst, Oklahoma Health Care Authority 2006 Dick Hudson Inferring Human Demography from Patterns of Genetic Variation
Nathaniel Pearson Senior Director, Scientific Engagement & Public Outreach, New York Genome Center 2006 Bruce Lahn Evolution of a gene divided : sequence variation within XG : a gene spanning the great ape pseudoautosomal boundary
JJ Emerson Assistant Professor, University of California at Irvine 2006 Manyuan Long Evolution of genomic novelties
Jing Yang Portfolio Manager, PIMCO 2005 Wen Hsiung Li Determinants of gene duplication and evolution of gene expression
Hua Tang Associate, Credit Suisse 2005 Chung-I Wu Some rules in protein evolution
Douglas Nutter Director of Institutional Research, Bowie State University 2005 Tim Wootton Disturbance components and the structure of tidepool communities : independent and interactive effects of area, magnitude, and temporal variability
Peng Zhang Financial Analyst, Capitol One 2005 Wen Hsiung Li Evolutionary dynamics and fate of young duplicate genes in eukaryotes
Erica Goss Assistant Professor, University of Florida 2005 Joy Bergelson Ecology and evolution of the interaction between the plant host Arabidopsis thaliana and its natural bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas viridiflava
Kevin Drury Assistant Professor, Bethel College 2004 Greg Dwyer Effects of movement behavior, space and nonlinearity on interaction rates within and between populations
Jianming Zhang Research Fellow, Harvard University 2004 Manyuan Long Evolution of new functionalities in a young chimerical drosophila gene, Jingwei
Pamela Geddes Assistant Professor, Northeastern Illinois University 2004 Mathew Leibold Effect of terrestrial subsidies on structure, functioning, and dynamics of food webs in pond ecosystems
Spencer Hall Associate Professor, Indiana University 2003 Mathew Leibold Species sorting and biomass partitioning along light : nutrient predation risk gradients in planktonic pond ecosystems
Eli Stahl (CGGSB) Research Scientist, Brigham and Women's Hospital 2003 Marty Kreitman Gene Conversion and Natural Selection at Duplicate Loci in Drosophila melanogaster
Zhenglong Gu Associate Professor, Cornell University 2003 Wen Hsiung Li Expression divergence and functional redundancy between duplicate genes in yeast
Kevin Britton-Simmons Residing Scientist, Friday Harbor Laboratories, University of Washington 2003 Cathy Pfister Establishment, spread, and impact of the introduced Japanese seaweed, Sargassum muticum, in the San Juan Islands, Washington
Sha Sun Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts General Hospital 2003 Chung-I Wu Functional analysis of the hybrid male sterility gene Odysseus in Drosophila
Karl Polivka Research Fisheries Biologist, Pacific Northwest Research Station 2002 Cathy Pfister Foraging theory, habitat selection and the ecology of a guild of benthic estuarine fishes
Tonia Korves Principal Investigator, MITRE 2002 Joy Bergelson Fitness consequences and the evolution of R gene resistance to pathogen infection
Casey Bergman Senior Lecturer in Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics, University of Manchester 2001 Martin Kreitman Evolutionary analyses of transcriptional control sequences in Drosophila
Julie Alipaz (CEB) Associate Director of Consumables Production at Fluidigm Corporation 2001 Chung-I Wu The Nature of Incipient Speciation in Drosophila
Amy Downing Professor of Zoology, Ohio Wesleyan University 2001 Mathew Leibold and Tim Wootton The role of biological diversity for the functioning and stability of pond ecosystems
Jeffrey Wall Assistant Professor, Division of Biostatistics, UCSF 2001 Dick Hudson Recombination and human demography
Jordan Karubian Assistant Professor, Tulane University 2001 Stephen Pruett-Jones Evolution and adaptive significance of sexual dimorphism in birds
Jonathan Shurin Associate Professor, UCSD 2000 Mathew Leibold Local and regional influences on the structure of freshwater zooplankton communities
Molly Przeworski (CEB) Professor, University of Chicago 2000 Dick Hudson Natural selection and patterns of genetic variability in Drosophila and humans
Jean Tsao Associate Professor, Michigan State University 2000 Tim Wootton Vertebrate host community composition and the dynamics of Borrelia burgdorferi, the etiologic agent of lyme disease : theory and experiments
Andrew Crawford (CEB) Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of the Andes, Colombia 2000 Marty Kreitman and Michael Wade The Evolution and Maintenance of a Color Pattern Polymorphism in Neotropical Frogs.
Stephanie Rollmann Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Cincinnati 2000 Marty Kreitman Courtship pheromone effects on female receptivity in a plethodontid salamander
Mark Allen Jensen Director, Genomic Data Programs, Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research 2000 Brian Charlesworth and Marty Kreitman Population genetic investigations in Drosophila and Saccharomyces
Soojin Yi Associate Professor of Biology, Georgia Tech 2000 Manyuan Long Molecular variation and the evolution of newly developing sex chromosomes of Drosophila miranda
Irene Shonle County Director, Natural Resources, Colorado State University Extension 1999 Joy Bergelson The evolutionary ecology of tropane alkaloids
Catherine S.C. Price   1999 Jerry Coyne Sperm precedence and the evolution of cryptic reproductive differences between species of Drosophila
Thomas Juenger Associate Professor, Section of Integrative Biology, UT Austin 1999 Joy Bergelson The ecology and evolution of species interactions in the scarlet gilia, Ipomopsis aggregata, system
Satie Airame (CEB) Assistant Dean for Academic Programs, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, UC Santa Barbara 1999 Mathew Leibold/ Cathy Pfister Population structure and viability of stream-dwelling frogs from Borneo
Jonathan Chase Research Ecologist, Biodiversity Synthesis Laboratory 1999 Mathew Leibold and Tim Wootton Size-structured interactions and multiple domains of attraction in pond food webs
Fengli Liu   1998 Deborah Charlesworth and Marty Kreitman The effect of breeding system on the level and pattern of molecular variation in plant populations
Philip Johns Assistant Professor of Biology, Bard College 1997 Stephen Pruett-Jones Sexual cannibalism, sexual selection, and the mating system of a sexually cannibalistic praying mantid
Yujun Xu (CGGSB) Assistant Professor of Reproductive Biology Research, Northwestern University 1997 Chung-I Wu The X chromosome and spermatogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster : a molecular and genetic analysis
Katarzyna Kubzdela Research Scientist, National Center for Education Statistics 1997 Jeanne Altmann Sociodemography in diurnal primates : the effects of group size and female dominance rank of intra-group spatial distribution, feeding competition, female reproductive success, and female dispersal patterns in white sifaka, Propithecus verreauxi verreauxi
Guoping Shu (CGGSB) Senior Vice President, Beijing Lantron Seed, China 1997 Laurens Mets Cell type-specific expression of C4 photosynthetic genes in Flaveria species : developmental and genetic control
John Dumbacher Curator and Department Chair, Department of Ornithology and Mammalogy, California Academy of Sciences 1997 Stephen Pruett-Jones The ecology and evolution of chemical defense in the avaian genus Pitohui
Mohamed Noor Professor, Dept. of Biology, Duke University 1996 Jerry Coyne The evolution of mating discrimination between Drosophila pseudoobscura and D. persimilis
Shaibal Mitra (CEB) Assistant Professor, CUNY Staten Island 1996 Stephen Pruett-Jones Sexual dimorphism and plumage elaboration in socially-monogamous birds
John Kelly Professor, University of Kansas 1996 Michael Wade Kin selection in plants : theory and experiments with Impatiens capensis
Hiroshi Akashi Professor, National Institute of Genetics, Japan 1996 Marty Kreitman Natural selection and the population genetics of synonymous DNA mutations in Drosophila
Alan J. Molumby Clinical Assistant Professor, Biology Department, University of Illinois at Chicago 1996 Michael Wade The evolutionary ecology of a gregariously nesting wasp, Trypoxylon politum
Michael Palopoli Associate Professor and Chair of Biology, Bowdoin College 1995 Chung-I Wu Molecular and evolutionary genetics of the Segregation Distorter system of meiotic drive in Drosophila melanogaster
Shyril O'Steen Life Scientist and Educator, Seattle WA 1995 Stevan Arnold Evolutionary physiology of energy use in reptiles
Daniel Perez   1994 Chung-I Wu Genetics of postmating reproductive isolation in Drosophila : investigation of an X-linked hybrid male sterility region
Andrew W. Davis   1994 Chung-I Wu Genetic and phenotypic analysis of hybrid sterility between three sibling species of Drosophila : D. simulans, D. mauritiana, and D. sechellia
Martin Morgan Senior Staff Scientist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 1993   Selection and evolution of plant reproductive characters
Kevin Allan Dixon Assistant in Biological Science, Florida State University 1993 Stevan Arnold Microgeographic variation in sexual selection in the mountain spiny lizard, Sceloporous jarrovi
Kathleen Donohue Professor, Duke University 1993 Ellen Simms The evolution of seed disperal in Cakile edentula var. lacustis
Susan C. Alberts Professor, Duke University 1992 Jeanne Altmann Maturation and dispersal in male baboons: (Papio cynocephalus)
John Willis Professor, Duke University 1991 Doug Schemske/ Deborah Charlesworth The role of inbreeding depression in the evolution of two partially self-fertilizing populations of Mimulus guttatus
Susan E. Gresens Associate Professor, Towson University 1990 Monte Lloyd Pattern and process in an aquatic invertebrate community
H. Allen Orr Shirley Cox Kearns Professor of Biology, University of Rochester 1990 Jerry Coyne The genetics of postzygotic reproductive isolation in Drosophila
Rafael Marquez Founder and Director of the Animal Sound Library of the National Museum of Natural Sciences (CSIC) of Madrid 1990 Stevan Arnold/ Lynne Houck Male parental care, sexual selection, and the mating systems of the midwife toads : Alytes obstetricans and Alytes cisternasii
Samuel Flores Associate Professor, Universidad del Turabo, School of Science and Technology 1989 Doug Schemske Reproductive biology of Ludwigia peploides peploides and Ludwigia peploides glabrescens
Janet Sherman (CEB) Associate Professor, Pennsylvania College of Technology 1984 Leigh Van Velen Functional morphology of the forelimb in Nothrotheriine sloths (Mammalia: Edentata)
John Damuth (CEB) Research Biologist, UC Santa Barbara 1982 Leigh Van Valen The Evaluation of the Degree of Community Structure Preserved in Assemblages of Fossil Mammals
Gary Galbreath (CEB) Distinguished Senior Lecturer and Associate Director, Northwestern University 1980 Leigh Van Valen Aspects of natural selection in Dasypus novemcinctus